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This day was wet and tired, but more than fulfilling. We came in via helicopter from Ketchikan and dropped down onto the 200 year old ice of the Mendenhall Glacier and treked across it for hours, in disbeleif of the depth and color of the ice. 80 mph gusts of wind manipulated the crowd of percipitation that we spent the day swimming through, painting its movements across the ice. It all made you feel like you were right in the middle of it, powerless and very alive. An incurable wet lens made for a lot of missed photos I'll have to go back for and just as many blurry photos that tell the story too well. For this one, I barely got my lens dry, overcame the fear of the ice holds at the other end of my rope giving out and leaned over the edge to gaze down this 60+ ft ice cavern. I couldn't beleive something so large, natural  and right in front of me could appear as flawless as the ice does. If you're able, see it before it's gone.


Printed on Gold Fiber paper at Pixel And Ink in Athens, Georgia.

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